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Czech artist Daniel Pitín (1977) is one of the leading personalities of his generation and an exceptional painting talent. A Paper Tower, an exhibition of more than thirty paintings, showcases a cross-section of his work with an emphasis on more recent works. The paintings are complemented by films, some of which have been created specifically for the exhibition, and which accentuate some aspects of Pitín’s painting and, at the same time, give the audience a glimpse into his sources of inspiration.

“A Paper Tower somehow shows my relationship with the world of the media and the world of information in which we are constantly present, and which creates a certain relative space. It is as if space is made of paper, which pretends to be reality, but at the same time, it can only be an illusion of reality. This line between the illusion of reality and reality is important in my work and I have been exploring it over time. And I address this limit with the exhibition,” the artist explains the exhibition title.

Pitín’s richly structured art abounds in seductive hints, luring us with their apparent ease of grasping them. This is, of course, a trap leading to the depths of a strange twilight worlds behind the images, full of dark threat and unspoken dangers. The vague melancholy of the tangle of theatrical scenes, suspense-building film techniques, labyrinths of laminated reality of parallel worlds, hints of destroyed lost-in-space architecture, strangely-acting characters in the void of the wreckage – these are all the topics that make up the artist’s many-layered and disturbing world of images.

“The metaphor of today’s information-overloaded and fragmented world leading to the atomization of society is unusually accurate in Pitín’s presentation. And that is why it is so disturbing. The idea of a single, provable and unchallengeable truth ceased to exist a long time ago. It seems that the world can no longer be held together by our desperate clinging to the past. But thousands of times it has been proven that a humble return to the roots, the bonding of broken fibres, the maintenance of awareness of continuity are some few and still guaranteed to work means against falling into splintered nothingness – and that is the key theme in Pitín’s paintings,” explains the exhibition curator Petr Nedoma.


Curator: Petr Nedoma


Artpark, relaxation and education centre of Galerie Rudolfinum, is getting revamped to go with the new exhibition DANIEL PITÍN A PAPER TOWER. The original project titled What_If_, which reflects on the exhibition, was designed specifically for Artpark by Slovak artist Alžbeta Meňkyová. Artpark will continue offering its regular educational programs for school groups and for the public, including popular Sunday children’s workshops, until the end of the year.

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