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We are making a new installation which will be open along with the exhibition UNPLUGGED.

Artpark, too, is getting ready for the UNPLUGGED exhibition. Through interactive entertainment, visitors will be invited to ask the same questions as those raised by the main exhibition: How much energy (and not just electric power) we really need to live? What will change in the way we see the world if we slow down and focus on the seemingly small things? Is today’s fast and technology-driven world causing us to miss something important?

Artpark with the by-line Get Unplugged and Switch on is a space for play, relaxation as well as contemplation with nice ambient lighting and a small zen garden. Artpark opens at the same time as the main exhibition.


ARTPARK, which is relaunched in a new format with every new exhibition, seeks to tell the story of the exhibiting artists to adult and little visitors alike. Associated programming for schools or the public, as well as children’s workshops, are a regular feature. At the same time, ARTPARK is a hub for creative relaxation of Galerie Rudolfinum visitors.


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Alšovo nábřeží 12
110 00 Prague 1 

Opening on 12 Aug at 4PM

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