The Richard Adam collection is, in its complex scope, the most extensive grouping of Czech painting from the mid-1980s up to the present to be found in the Czech Republic. Starting with the generation of the “Tvrdohlaví” (Hardheads), it runs through the lyricist tendencies of the Nineties (Česká abstraHce) and the group “Bezhlavý jezdec” (Headless Horseman) up to the very newest painting influenced by comics, street art, graffiti etc. Represented in the collection is work of a minimalist, conceptualist and post-conceptualist, geometricist and (to a smaller extent) realist orientation. A representative sampling of the entire collection is on display in Brno’s Wannieck Gallery.


Richard Adam has been collecting artwork since the late Seventies. From the mid-Eighties, he focussed on the work of several artists later to form the group “12/15 – pozdě, ale přece” (Late but better than never). By the early 1990s, his collecting turned towards the “Tvrdohlaví” generation, though he also extensively purchased the work of a number of other significant figures, primarily Jiří Kovanda and Vladimír Skrepl. Adam’s collection has also, since the mid-1990s, expanded to include the emerging generation of painters, and his interest in young artists remains decisive today. Selected for the exhibition in the Rudolfinum is an ensemble of paintings that covers primarily “classical” painting of the past decade – a phenomenon that has not yet, in such a focused selection, been exhibited in Prague so far.

The exhibition begins with work from the mid-1990s, including the previously cited Česká abstraHce, paintings by Petr Písařík, Petr Pastrňák, Ivan Vosecký and Jiří Černický. It likewise maps the painting of several members of the “Bezhlavý jezdec” group (Bolf, Šerých, Mančuška), as well as Jakub Špaňhel or Milan Salák, presents the “denim paintings” of František Matoušek as well as the work of painters who graduated from the Academy of Arts in Prague at the beginning of the decade (Kopal, Fexová, Kožíšek), and equally, in crude outlines, attempts to present the work of the very youngest generation (several members of the group RAFANI, Hošek, Girsa, Šalanda etc.).


Josef Bolf
Jiří Černický
Patricie Fexová
Jiří Franta
Václav Girsa
Jakub Hošek
Blanka Jakubčíková
Ondřej Kopal
Věra Kotlárová
Petr Kožíšek
Vít Soukup
Ján Mančuška
František Matoušek
Marek Meduna
Alice Nikitinová
Petr Pastrňák
Petr Písařík
Luděk Rathouský
Milan Salák
Jiří Skála
Robert Šalanda
Jan Šerých
Jakub Špaňhel
Ivan Vosecký

Curators: Petr Nedoma a Richard Adam

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