Archive of exhibitions: 2000

Wings of Glory

The goal of the exhibition was to point out the cultural parallels between France and Central European art from the last quarter of the 19th century through to the 1910s, highlighting the significant influence of the then-existing French center on the formation of culture in the ...

Atelier Langhans. A Gallery of Celebrities

The Prague photographer Jan Langhans was a leading portraitist in Bohemia. From 1888 to 1848 hundred of thousands of people had their portraits made in his studio....

Qui Shi-hua: Landscapes

Major show by one of the most prominent contemporary Chinese landscape painters presents masterpieces by Qiu Shi-hua from the 1990s....


The exhibition showed the works by 11 artists from the continental China, Hong Kong and Taiwan presenting both traditional video films showing the different faces of the specific Chinese culture, past and present, and interactive installations whose message is generally understan...

Petr Nikl: Nests of Games

A six-week variable playground combining visual, musical and theatrical forms in mutually open play with continuous participation of various ensembles, artists and guests....

Kupka – Waldes. The Artist and His Collector

The exhibition presented works by František Kupka from the extensive collection of the Waldes Gallery, which was confiscated by Nazi and Communist powers and was returned to the inheritors in 1996. Kupka’s work made up a very significant part of the collection thanks to the frien...

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