<h1>Daniel Pitín A Paper Tower</h1>

Czech artist Daniel Pitín (1977) is a leading figure of his generation. In the richly structured work of his art, he manages to grasp the constringent uncertainty of the time before the revolution, which he himself came of age too late for, but he still manages to make it current and frame it in a rich array of dystopian scenes. Thanks to his extraordinary talent for painting, his work is full of seductive hints, luring us with their apparent ease of grasping them. This is, of course, a trap leading to the depths of a strange twilight worlds behind the images, full of dark threat and unspoken dangers. The vague melancholy of the tangle of theatrical scenes, suspense-building film techniques, labyrinths of laminated reality of parallel worlds, hints of destroyed lost-in-space architecture, strangely-acting characters in the void of the wreckage – these are all the topics that make up the artist’s many-layered and disturbing world of images. The exhibition will include a cross-section of his paintings with an emphasis on newer works, as well as several films that accentuate some aspects of his painting style and, at the same time, reveal to the viewer an insight into the sources of his inspiration.

Curator: Petr Nedoma

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Alšovo nábřeží 12
110 00 Prague 1

Opening on 25 September

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