<h1>Petr Veselý. Angel, Shadow</h1>
<h1>Petr Veselý. Angel, Shadow</h1>
<h1>Petr Veselý. Angel, Shadow</h1>

Very early on in his career, the painter Petr Veselý accomplished a minimalistically parsimonious expression capable of resonating the fine warp and weft of inner ideas and feelings. His pictures are distinguished by the utmost reduction and the elimination of everything narratively distracting on the way to the nucleus, to the sole statement, to the essence of reality transformed into the opposite of multiplicity through scraps of reality verging on the elementary. 
The nagging doubts, the systematic quest by and of itself, the reduction of pictorial agents, the minimisation of the visual component of images, the capturing of the word in the elementary meaning of its sign – this all articulates efforts to penetrate layers of redundant and misleading ballast in order to reach the glistening pearl. Crucially, the artist merely senses it, but is not entirely convinced of its existence. The theme of his work, then, is not just reconstruction or the archaeology of the buried, but also the search in itself.

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