<h1>Erwin Dubský: Journal of a Voyage</h1>
<h1>Erwin Dubský: Journal of a Voyage</h1>
<h1>Erwin Dubský: Journal of a Voyage</h1>

Erwin Antonín Anna Dubský, a Frigate Captain in the Austro-Hungarian navy, was a member of an old Bohemian aristocratic family which, in the 19th century, resided at the Moravian chateau in Lysice. In the years 1874–1876, Dubský sailed around the world aboard the corvette Erzherzog Friedrich. One of the ship’s important destinations was the Japanese Empire. In the course of the long voyage, Dubský amassed a host of artworks, ethnographic material and period documents, numbering more than 1,300 pieces, of which only a fragment has survived. Among the preserved items is a unique collection of nine albums of photographs amassed in most of the countries to which the expedition journeyed. Dubský engaged in the systematic gathering of photographs, visiting photographic studios in all ports of call. The outcome of his endeavour is a collection which is truly exceptional even by international standards. In terms of its size, state of preservation and meticulous selection, it is on a par with the most outstanding visual records of this sort worldwide. Yet not long ago, the existence of these exceptional artefacts was still unknown to the public, as for years the photographs had been kept in storage. Their unique nature has been revealed only recently through art-historical research.


The collection’s most comprehensive part comprises 158 images of Japan by the founders of the tradition of Japanese photography. Thematically, the authors of the prints focused on two areas: views of the country’s popular landmarks and genre pictures showing the life of its inhabitants, known as ‘Native Types’. The collection is rich in unusual vistas of the open city of Nagasaki, produced in the studio of one of the pioneers of photography in Japan, Ueno Hikoma, in the early 1870s. The views of Kyoto, Kobe and Osaka made by Ichida Sota are also internationally unique. Moreover, the exhibition features works by Raimund von Stillfried-Ratenicz (born in Chomutov, Bohemia) whose Yokohama photographic studio trained an entire generation of Japanese photographers between 1871 and 1885. Alongside Stillfried’s prints, there are numerous small-format enlargements from the studios of other Japanese masters, which include portraits of the Emperor and his consort, made in 1872 by Uchida Kuichi, a talented yet prematurely deceased artist who had worked in Tokyo and Yokohama from the mid-1870s.

The exhibition has been prepared in collaboration with the Moravian Gallery in Brno and the Foundation for National Monument, Institute regional work section in Brno. State Chateau Lysice.

Exhibition concept: Filip Suchomel and Marcela Suchomelová

Due to the sensitive nature of the photographs, the exhibition is held in two thematically commensurate installments: the first between 7 December 2006 and 5 February 2007; the second from 7 February to 15 April 2007.

Curator: Filip Suchomel

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