<h1>Jan Hísek: Night Rider</h1>
<h1>Jan Hísek: Night Rider</h1>
<h1>Jan Hísek: Night Rider</h1>

The exhibition of paintings by Jan Hísek, aptly called Night Rider, is a summary of his painting over the last approximately seven years.

The author is of a class of unique, significantly timeless authors. His work is based on its own line, virtually independent of contemporary trends, directions and discussions and has its own dynamics, tempo, themes and reading. The public best knows his precise graphic designs, mezzotints and illustrations of a variety of texts – published as separate collections or single editions. The innermost core of his work, however, are paintings that only sporadically make their way to the public. It is characteristic of Hísek to use an ornamental method to develop themes in an unbounded space where he gives the logic of what is visible as much as possible to the service of the invisible or, to be more exact, visible mostly just through inner sight. Topics are often connected with references and connotations to a wide range of pictorial and thought streams from various periods of fine art history. The exhibition, despite its seemingly small extent, represents in 33 exhibited paintings a substantial overview of Hísek’s art; it is a representative summary of the thinking and work of one of today’s most extraordinary Czech artists.

Curator: Petr Nedoma

Tuesday–Sunday 10:00-18:00

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