<h1>Jake & Dinos Chapman. The Blind Leading the Blind</h1>
<h1>Jake & Dinos Chapman. The Blind Leading the Blind</h1>
<h1>Jake & Dinos Chapman. The Blind Leading the Blind</h1>

The work of the Chapman brothers, this highly regarded pair, who are an integral and very-clearly visible part of the international art scene, is characteristic by its diversity, not only due to a variety of artistic techniques, but also the range of ideas, themes and topics which they deal with the irony and sarcasm.

The exhibition of the works of Jake and Dinos Chapman will introduce a representative selection of their multifaceted creations. A strong response was aroused by their changing of Goya’s graphic prints from the Disasters of War series, published in a special edition in 1937, where the heads of the victims were replaced by heads depicting clowns and puppies. The destruction, desecration and removal of someone else’s paintings, based on iconoclasm, can be understood as a reflection of the savagery of our own culture. Jake and Dinos create installations, sculptures and paintings, which through cynical and sarcastic humour highlight the current debased political, social, religious and moral situation. Through fascination with the horror, evil and perversion of our society, they put up a mirror that shows us the realities of today and point to the banality of ubiquitous evil. The result of their actions is intense, brutal, disturbing and ironic.

The exhibition is accompanied by videoprojections “ChapmanBox” at the small gallery where are screened following interviews and short documentaries.

Jake & Dinos Chapman, White Cube Channel films
On End of Fun: 10:41
On Fucking Hell: 3:26
Jake not Dinos: 8:01
Dinos not Jake: 5:54
Camera / Edit: Jon Lowe
Courtesy White Cube

Some pieces in this exhibition could evoke strong emotional reactions. Galerie Rudolfinum recommends that highly sensitive persons and guidance of the children of up to 15 years of age think seriously about visiting this exhibition!

Curator: Otto M. Urban

Jake and Dinos Chapman. The Blind Leading the Blind | videospot

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