As a follow-up to its exhibition project Domestic Arenas (19 January 2018 – 18 March 2018), Galerie Rudolfinum introduces Rudolfinum_Time-Based, a new series of presentations of international and local contemporary artists who use time-based media – film, video and animation – as their means of expression.

The ambition of this programme of regular screenings and lectures with authors of films, curators and professionals from related fields is to showcase various artistic approaches of contemporary time-based media, always framed into a specific and current context. The series invites the interpretation as a single collective “time-based” exhibition.

The first part of the series, which will run in autumn 2018, acts as a conceptual bridge between the exhibition Domestic Arenas and the singular presentation of the work of Arthur Jafa, conceived in collaboration with the Serpentine Gallery and Julia Stoschek Collection, which will open to the public at Galerie Rudolfinum in January 2019.

Rudolfinum_Time-Based offers specific subjective views of our present reality as a state of constant shift lacking anchor points, which fully represents the medium itself in time of dynamically shifting images. The films, videos and animations walk the razor’s edge of critique of our socio-political reality.

Curator: Jen Kratochvil

Supervisor: Petr Nedoma

27. 9. at 8pm_Ursula Mayer: Gonda (2012), Atom Spirit (2016)

18. 10. at 8pm_Steffani Jemison: Sensus Plenior (2017)

Tuesday-Sunday 10.00-18.00


130 / 80 CZK

Thursday 10.00-20.00


Alšovo nábřeží 12
110 00 Prague 1

Monday Closed

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