Galerie Rudolfinum


Eberhard Havekost. Logik

Full admission: CZK 120
Reduced admission: CZK 70

Reduced admission:

  • journalists
  • senior citizens (63+)
  • students
  • disabled visitors
  • abonents of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra
  • ISIC, ITIC, AICA, IAA/AIAP, ARTcard, UHS card holders

Free admission:
  • Open Dialog Club members
  • children under 15
  • wheelchair users with accompanying person
  • ICOM

information - ticket office

information - ticket office

Tuesday-Wednesday, Friday-Sunday: from 10 am to 5.30 pm
Thursday: from 10 am to 7.30 pm
tel. +420 770 100 767

barrier free

barrier free


metro line A – Staroměstská (not accessible)
tram no. 2, 17, 18 – Staroměstská stop (ordinary high-floor trams)
bus no. 194, 207 – Staroměstská stop (70% of connections by low-floor buses; see timetable:; at weekend all connections on this line are by low-floor buses)
tram no. 2, 12, 15, 18, 20, 22 – Malostranská stop (ordinary high-floor trams) – distance approx. 450 m


3 reserved parking spaces on náměstí J. Palacha square (17. listopadu street, by taxi rank) – distance approx. 150 m
underground garages on náměstí J. Palacha – reserved spaces on each level


Throughout the building are large, heavy wooden double doors without thresholds. In the exhibition areas both double doors are usually open. If this is not the case it is possible to request for both doors to be opened (Unless stated otherwise, the item “passage” in the text refers to the width of the passage when both double doors are open).

Information about access to all parts of the Galerie Rudolfinum is available at the cash desk and the porter’s lodge (service entrance to Galerie Rudolfinum).

Main entrance to gallery

15 stairs to entrance doors, 1 single door, when open passage 90 cm
11 stairs to cash desk
from cash desk door into lobby – 1 single door, when open passage 90 cm

Access for persons with limited mobility

Access by side entrance (service entrance of Galerie Rudolfinum, freely accessible) – approx. 30m in direction of traffic from main entrance; Signs showing direction for wheelchair users and visitors with children’s pushchairs are clearly marked here.

entrance via metal double-gate, passage of 77 cm with one open gate, possibility of opening 2nd gate – 86 cm
before entrance to building step 7 cm; bell located directly in front of step, which visitor may ring to call security guard who can help passenger over low step
2x double doors, 1st doors – passage of 63 cm with one open door, passage of 140 cm with both doors open, 2nd doors – passage of 73 cm with one open door, passage of 140 cm with both doors open (space of approx. 190×250 cm between 1st and 2nd double doors)

rules for visitors

rules for visitors

1. Access to all exhibition spaces of Galerie Rudolfinum (hereinafter GR) is allowed for all visitors upon presenting a valid ticket. For safety reasons, the number of visitors at any one time in different exhibitions and shows may be limited. Visitors are required to obey the instructions of the GR staff and security guards. Visitors can find information at the ticket office regarding whether they are entitled to an admission discount, or free admission.

2. Before entering the exhibition spaces, visitors must place all objects larger than 30×40 cm or longer than 40 cm in the cloakroom. This service is free of charge. Visitors may enter the hall with handbags, and large backpacks are also acceptable, but they must be closed. Upper garments such as coats and cloaks may also be placed in the cloakroom. If a visitor does not wish to leave their clothing in the cloakroom, it is acceptable for the visitor to view the exhibition wearing their upper garment. Visitors coming to hall with clothes over their arm will be asked to place it in the cloakroom, or to wear it. Valuable items (documents, cameras, video equipment, etc.) can be kept in the cloakroom in locker boxes, or visitors may take them along to the exhibition space in a special bag intended for that purpose. These bags are available in the cloakroom.

3. It is prohibited to enter the exhibition spaces with weapons, or to enter with any animals, with the exception of guide dogs for the blind.

4. The GR exhibitions spaces are open to the public on Tuesday-Wednesday and Friday-Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00 and on Thursdays from 10:00 to 20:00. Differences and changes to the visiting hours will be posted on the GR website (, on the Rudolfinum building or in the press and other media.

5. We would like to inform visitors of Galerie Rudolfinum that the ticket office for the exhibition spaces stops selling tickets 30 minutes before the gallery closes. Visitors must leave the gallery by 18:00 or 20:00, depending on when the gallery closes.

6. It is strictly prohibited to touch the exhibits, frames, pedestals and display cases, and visitors much keep back at least 30 cm from them. Visitors may only touch exhibits that are appropriately labelled for this purpose.

7. It is not permitted to have phone conversations in the exhibitions halls, and food and drink may also not be brought in (not even water in plastic bottles). It is not permitted to eat, drink or smoke in the exhibition halls. GR staff will inform visitors of this fact, and if necessary, visitors will be asked to have a drink before entering the hall. Visitors may leave drink bottles in the sales area of the Masaryk Study. Refreshments are available at Café Rudolfinum in the Column Hall.

8. Taking photographs of the exhibited works, film and make copies is not permitted.

9. The Rudolfinum staff entrance provides wheelchair access and access for parents with strollers and persons with limited mobility.

10. Persons wearing very dirty clothing and those who through their behaviour may damage the exhibited works, or endanger the safety of other visitors will not be allowed access to the exhibition spaces, and they may be asked to leave the building.

11. We ask visitors of GR to always obey the instructions of the GR staff. The instructions are issued in the interest of the visitors’ safety, protection of the building and exhibited works.

12. If any visitors caused damages to GR by violating these visitor rules, or through other inappropriate activities, a protocol shall be written-up with them. If any visitor is unwilling to prove their identity, the assistance of the Police of the Czech Republic shall be requested (Section 13, Act No. 283/91 Coll.). The scope, amount and method of compensation shall be determined pursuant to the relevant regulations of GR, and enforced by legal means against the visitor.

13. Visitors may submit any comments, requests or complaints to the GR website (, in person, or via telephone at: GR, Alšovo nábřeží 12, Prague 1, telephone: 227 059 348 or 227 059 349.

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