Galerie Rudolfinum

Krištof Kintera: Nervous Trees: Exhibition Opening

Krištof Kintera: Nervous Trees
6. 9. 2017, 18.00–22.00
Galerie Rudolfinum

Galerie Rudolfinum is preparing a new solo project by Krištof Kintera, a renowned Czech sculptor and author of social and environmentally engaged installations.

This exhibition is the 100th since the establishment of the Galerie Rudolfinum in 1994.
Admission entry is free thanks to the Avast Foundation.

about event

about event

The NERVOUS TREES exhibition will feature several of Kintera’s iconic works from recent years, and the central installation will be based on a brand new project called Postnaturalia (work in progress for the Maramotti Collection in Milan). This installation covers over 100 square metres and presents an artificial landscape made out of electronics parts and trash, which are both brutal and poetic at the same time. In connection with this “walk-through” installation, there will be a laboratory – room presenting the process of the creation of such an artificial landscape. The laboratory will include videos featuring the fabrication of new artificial botanic species, as well as digging in old electronics and obtaining the parts, tools, sketches and also the materials that inspire the artist and his crew.
The exhibition architecture is prepared in close collaboration with the artist and will intervene into the exhibition space.


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