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Artpark represents an accessible approach to presenting the past and present of art.

Galerie Rudolfinum unveiled a new concept of its interactive edutainment space
Artpark – Pictures in Motion. The format, which targets mainly children visitors but still has a lot to say to adult audiences, will now, more than before, reflect the gallery exhibition programme of the moment. The new Artpark will resonate with the ongoing Mat Collishaw’s exhibition Standing Water at Galerie Rudolfinum.

The new Artpark concept focuses on animation, various types of projection and the phenomenon of paraphrasis in fine art. The postscript, Pictures in Motion, refers to two main areas the visitor is guided through in Artpark. An interactive installation created by artists Richard Loskot, František Týmal and Marek Brožek use keying, a technique used by special effects artists in film, as well as pre-cinematographic animation techniques of much older provenance. Mat Collishaw himself likes to rely on these techniques. But pictures move in time, too. The theoretical part, conceived by Zdenka Švadlenková, Education and Associated Programme Curator at Galerie Rudolfinum Zdenka Švadlenková, illustrates examples of paraphrasis in art and the relevant historical context. Artpark visitors will learn how classical works of art changed through the eyes of later artists and new audiences. The connection with Mat Collishaw’s work and with many other successful exhibitions at Galerie Rudolfinum, such as Jake & Dinos Chapman, David LaChapelle or Decadence Now!, is obvious.

Artpark remains a relaxation zone where one can create and sit back, with creative workshops, inspiring encounters with artists and theoreticians of art, workshops for children and other associated programmes.

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