About Artpark

Artpark represents an accessible approach to presenting the past and present of art.

Come with your children and take part in the interactive projects and artistic workshops led by our lecturers.
Find out some interesting information about the artworld, that are also part of the decoration on the walls. It is a unique creative space and a 3D “textbook” of the visual arts where visitors
encounter the questions people most frequently ask at museums and galleries, to which they receive comprehensible answers. Not only do we create a new space for educating the youngest
generation, but we also offer new impulses to all gallery visitors. The subjects that
we address cover all the various forms of contemporary art, and so visitors are
well prepared for the questions they may have when viewing the exhibitions at 
Galerie Rudolfinum. Even after opening, Artpark will not be entirely finished. Instead, even in the future it should be valued for its changing nature and its ability to continually reshape itself, ask
new questions, and find answers to these questions.
The visual concept of Artpark is created by artists Zbyněk Baladrán, David Kalika (Kakalík), Jiří Franta and Markéta Hlinovská.

For both school groups and the general public, we offer a broad range of programmes, seminars, and workshops with invited artists. Artpark will host debates with art theorists and historians,
or with artists themselves, and we will organize presentations on current themes related to ongoing exhibition.


Every day except Mo & Thu 10.00-18.00

Admission to the gallery


Thursday 10.00-20.00


Alšovo nábřeží 12
110 00 Prague 1

Monday Closed

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