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ARTPARK – We Shall Overcome…

During the exhibition at Galerie Rudolfinum, ARTPARK is being redesigned to suit the theme of Arthur Jafa’s art which is still interactively presented to all, including the smallest visitors. The installation and programme was created in collaboration with FreeCinema, our project partner. There will
of course be associated programming or schools and the public as well as the popular children’s workshops. ARTPARK remains a place of creative recreation for visitors to the Galerie Rudolfinum.


In his film work, American artist Arthur Jafa embodies the image of African-American identity and culture through a wide range of contemporary shots and images. Jafa authentically reveals his own identity, consisting both of the artist’s vulnerability and authority, and brings the answer to the question of what it means to be part of the complex terrain of the black representation, and thus the terrain of any other kind. He attempts to rewrite the history of African-American visual aesthetics and thereby contribute to the opening of this theme in the new horizon. The mixture of segments of well-known icons and historical events of African-American culture and anonymous bodies in various emotionally exalted states of enthusiasm and despair brings a synthesizing view of the American history of the life of the African-American community.

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