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ARTPARK – Transformations

The exhibition Petr Písařík SPACE MAKER introduces also a new version of Artpark – Transformations. Galerie Rudolfinum unveiled its new concept of an edutainment and relaxation space, which changes with each exhibition in May. Artpark invites visitors, even the youngest ones, learn and try techniques used by the exhibiting artists. Artpark is always a spaceguide through the landscape of modern art as well as a place for creative relaxation. Artpark – Transformations is dedicated to artists who used unconventional materials and the principles of abstract art. Modern artists enjoy a large degree of formal freedom – something that visitors are encouraged to experience here. The interactive section offers several new or updated installations where visitors can play with compositions and materials. Artpark also offers the traditional associated programming and events for schools and the general public as well as regular art workshops for children.

The authors of Artpark – Transformations, which goes with the exhibition Petr Písařík SPACE MAKER, are: Hana Šromová, Richard Loskot a Zdenka Švadlenková.

Tuesday-Sunday 10.00-18.00


130 / 80 CZK

Thursday 10.00-20.00


Alšovo nábřeží 12
110 00 Prague 1

Monday Closed

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